24″ – 36″ Stand Up Film Applicator


Carpet Film Applicator – Plastic Floor Covering

Looking for a carpet film applicator to lay down surface protector on your carpet or hardwood surface? Well 24″ and 36″ plastic floor covering can be applied to your surfaces easily with our small stand up roller. This carpet film applicator is assembled quickly and allows you to lay film down without hurting your back or knees. Both our plastic floor coverings can be purchased for carpeting or for hard surfaces so that you can protect any job site from grime.

The carpet film applicator is made out of a study steel to ensure that this product can be used time after time. Firmly apply plastic floor covering alone in minutes and save time since it will lay down in a straight line. Use both 24″ and 36″ sizes of plastic floor covering can be used on this carpet film applicator since it has an expandable feature to fit different widths.

Carpet Film Applicator Review

– Lays down plastic floor covering in 24″ to 36″ widths
– Assembly of product is simple
– Will firmly apply surface protection to floors
– Stand up roller is made out of sturdy steel

Only use our carpet or hard surface plastic floor covering products on this carpet film applicator equipment. Not meant to unroll other types of floor coverings.

This carpet film applicator is not recommended for the 24 x 50 (none will work with this size) or 36 x 500 carpet protection rolls. We do have hand rollers or a large stand up roller available for purchase for those products.

Unwind plastic floor covering like a professional when you order this handy stand up roller. Will send direct to your home with low shipping cost!


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