Builder Board Seam Tape Applicator


Builder Board Seamer – Surface Shields Tape Dispenser

Builder Board Seamer is designed to make installation time faster and more cost efficient. This product is able to be used with many different tapes up to 4″ in width. Some examples would be Masking Tape, Blue Tape, PE Tape, Builder Board Breathable Tape and of course Builder Board Seam Tape. Surface Shields Tape Dispenser is made in the USA and weighs only 10 pounds which means it easily moved around and transported without heavy lifting.

Please see Builder Board Seamer video.

This product was designed to be able to snugly fit inside the core of a Builder Board Roll. Each purchase of the Seamer does come with one roll of Builder Board Seam Tape included with purchase. Simply load, unwind and GO! Don’t miss out, order today.

**Please note: The free tape that comes with the Seamer is NOT breathable


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Weight 192 oz