Blue No-Stick Floor Protection Tape


Blue Tape – Floor Protection Tape

Blue tape is a non adhesive transfer floor protection tape that will securely hold floor protection in place. You can use the blue painters tape to hold countertop and window protection in place as well, it’s not just for the floor. Floor protection tape is safe for use on factory finished hardwood, laminate, or sheet vinyl. This painter tape is UV resistant and can be safely left down for up to 14 days. Floor protection tape is sold in 2 inch x 60 yard (180 foot) rolls and is easily applied to flooring protection.

***Please note: Blue Floor Protection Tape is NOT for use on site finished floors. It is not a breathable tape.***

Blue Tape Uses and Benefits

– Floor protection tape works on most surfaces
– Painter tape is UV resistant
– Do not use on site finished floors
– Leaves no adhesive residue
– Can be purchased in 2 inch x 60 yard (180 feet) rolls
– Easy on/off application

Blue painters tape is ideal to use on  flooring protection that might require additional adhesion. If you need a floor protection tape to use with breathable floor protection, purchase the Builder Board breathable tape.

Use blue tape to hold flooring protection securely in place and get rid of the danger of floor protection sliding around and shifting. Minimize work hazards and place your order today!

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