1) Is 3 Mil Carpet Protection safe to use on any type of carpeting?

3 Mil Carpet Protection is safe to use on synthetic carpeting. Do not use 3 Mil Carpet Protection on natural carpeting such as wool or sisal as discoloring or pilling could occur. You can use Neo Shield and Pro Shield on natural carpets. Test a small section of carpet protection in an inconspicuous place for a period of 48 hours to make sure there is no change in the carpet fibers. Please refer to the links within question 3 for additional product information.

2) Is 3 Mil Hard Floor Protection safe to use on any type of hard floor?

The 3 Mil Hard Surface Protection can be used on factory finished hardwood floors. This floor protection can also be used on laminate, tile, stone and linoleum floors. Do not use on site-finished wood floors as there is the potential of the finish being pulled up by the adhesive backing of the 3 Mil Hard Floor Protection. You can use All-Purpose Floor ProtectionTuf-Guard, or Builder Board for site-finished floors that are absolutely dry (fully cured).

3) What should I know about 3 Mil Carpet Protection and 3 Mil Hard Floor Protection before I use them?

3 Mil Carpet Protection: Product Guidelines and Details (opens .pdf in a new window)

3 Mil Hard Surface Protection: Product Guidelines and Details (opens .pdf in a new window)

4) How long can I leave the various floor protectors down?

3 Mil Carpet Protection – Can be left down on carpet for up to 30 days. Per manufacturer’s recommendation, replacement may be needed sooner if carpet protection is subject to extreme conditions such as high temperature, direct sunlight, heavy foot traffic, or outdoor exposure. Adhesive transfer may occur if left down for more than 30 days.

3 Mil Hard Floor Protection – This temporary protection can be left down for up to 30 days. Extreme high temperature, heavy foot traffic, direct sunlight or outdoor exposure may make it necessary to replace the 3 Mil Hard Floor Protection sooner than 30 days. It is recommended that you apply surface protection in a small, inconspicuous area to ensure there is no adhesive transfer before covering a large area.

Neo Shield and Pro Shield – Replace after 3 months due to plastizer migration.

Blue Floor Tape – Leave down no longer than 14 days. Replace as necessary. Test area first before using tape on site-finished floors as finish may pull off.

Tuf-Guard – Floor tape is one of the methods used to hold Tuf-Guard in place. You will need to replace the Blue Floor Tape if left down longer than 14 days.

5) Are any of the rolls of floor protection products reusable?

Yes, All-Purpose Floor ProtectionTuf-GuardBuilder BoardNeo Shield, and Pro Shield are reusable floor protection.

6) Do you have floor protection products that are Breathable / Permeable?

Yes, All-Purpose Floor ProtectionTuf-Guard, and Builder Board are permeable products that allow your floor to breathe. All-Purpose Floor Protection and Builder Board are also water resistant. Tuf-Guard is not water resistant.

7) Will weather affect any of the floor protection products?

Extreme humidity and temperature may affect the adhesive backing of the rolls of 3 Mil Carpet and 3 Mil Hard Floor Protection. Outdoor use is Not Recommended.

8) How much floor protection should I order?

First, measure the area you need to cover and convert it into square feet (length x width). For example, a room the size of 28 feet long by 14 feet wide has a total square footage of 392 feet (28 x 14). For 392 square feet of coverage you would need to order 1 of the 24″ x 200′ foot rolls (2 feet x 200 feet = 400 square feet).

9) If I left my carpet protection down for over 30 days, how do I remove any transferred adhesive?

Per Manufacturer: “Any adhesive that might have transferred should be removed immediately by use of Hot Water Extraction (Preferably Truck-Mounted), along with a citrus based pre-treatment spray.”

It is NOT Recommended to use any cleaning product or chemical on the adhesive. Please call us at 800-504-5989, Monday – Friday between 8 and 5 CST, should you have further questions.

10) What is your return policy?

Please refer to our Shipping & Returns page for the most current information.

13) A coupon code I’ve found on a coupon sharing website is not applying. Why is this?

Third party coupon sharing sites have codes and offers submitted directly by users. Floor Resources LLC does not supply codes to these sites. If you have any questions about a code you may have found on another website, please call us and verify with our staff.

14) What is an “AVS Mismatch Error” and how can I resolve it?

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C) You are trying to use a gift credit card. Not all gift credit cards are compatible with gateway transactions (online purchases). Please call us so we can try to manually process your payment, or use a different card.

15) I tried to place an order but was unsuccessful. Has my account been charged?

When you attempt to make a purchase using your credit card the transaction “Pings” your credit card account for the amount of the purchase, whether it is approved or declined. Since each attempt to make a purchase is considered a separate charge (which prevents sellers from initially charging one amount and then changing that amount), this “Ping” tells the credit card company to reserve that amount for each attempt you make.

If the transaction is declined, then these “Pings” will disappear from your account in approximately one to three business days. These pings are used by your financial institution to ensure that your account has the necessary funds available to complete a transaction and are removed at their discretion. Please contact your financial institution for additional information.