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Builder Board for Floor Protection During Construction in

38″ x 100′ Rolls

Builder Board is designed for floor protection during construction and can be used again and again. Builder Board protects floors from dirt, debris and also protects from spills such as water, paint and dropped tools. It is the most durable floor protection during construction product on the market. Builder Board is now equipped with Liquid Shield technology making it a water resistant temporary floor protection choice.

Builder Board heavy duty paperboard can be used for floor protection during construction is manufactured from 33% post consumer material and is reusable. Using paperboard floor protection is an ideal choice for both you and the environment. When used during construction, this floor protection product contributes points to LEED certified projects and is 100% recyclable.

Builder Board Covers: Granite, travertine, marble, terrazzo, stone, colored concrete, tile, wood, carpet (very low nap), linoleum, and even walls, cabinets, counter tops and more.

Highlights of this Floor Protection Product:

  • Builder Board is approximately 45 mils thick
  • Tough enough to drive on
  • Puncture resistance to 140 psi
  • One roll covers same area as 10 sheets of masonite
  • Non-staining, breathable to allow moisture to escape
  • Lays fast and flat
  • Seam together to cover larger areas with the breathable Builder Board Tape

The best way to adhere this floor protection during construction is with our non-stick blue tape or breathable Builders Board tape.

Use this tough paperboard for all your floor protection needs during construction.

USGBC Certified LEED Points – Credit 2.1 and 2.2

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