Ram Board Stair Armor


Easily protect your hard surface stairways from foot traffic, dust and debris during construction with the new Stair Armor from Ram Board. 6 pieces per pack.


Ram Board Stair Armor – Stair Protection

Are you planning or in the process of a home remodel or construction? Do you have stairs with hard surfaces? A construction site can be a highly dangerous environment for hard surface floors, especially floors made from wood and cork. Although there are numerous options for protecting floors, it can be hard to find suitable protection for your stairs. Look no further. Ram Board Stair Armor is the perfect solution to your problem. The durable floor protection board can hold up under heavy foot traffic. It also protects your stairs from dust and debris being tracked in or dropped by workers during construction. Stair Armor is easy to install and can be secured with tape. Consult your flooring manufacturer for the best tape to use for your project. Once installed, this temporary floor protection goes to work keeping your hard surface stairs in tact all throughout your remodel.

Ram Board Stair Armor Highlights

  • Fits stairs at 10″ – 11″ depth
  • 6 stair coverings per pack
  • Highly durable
  • Made in the USA
  • Made with Spill Guard Technology
  • Recyclable
  • Adjustable TREAD-TRAC Technology for improved traction

Stair Armor Instructions

  1. Sweep or vacuum all dust and debris from areas you plan to cover
  2. Apply Stair Armor to stair using the adjustable folding creases to fit to size
  3. Fold down the Bull Nose to protect the stair nosing
  4. Secure Stair Armor directly to stairs with tape recommended by your flooring manufacturer.

When done properly, these durable products will protect your stairs from all manner of dangers that the construction site poses. Get yours today and save your stairs from any damage during your project.

For securing your Ram Board Stair Armor to the stairs, see our Breathable Builder Board Tape or our Blue No-Stick Floor Protection Tape.

Please consult with your flooring manufacturer before deciding on which tape is most suitable for your stairs.

Also be sure to protect your other flat surfaces with our Builder Board Floor Protection

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Additional information

Weight 80 oz