Sticky Walk-off Mat Floor Protection


Sticky-Mat Floor Protection

Sticky Mat – No need to wipe your feet! Simply walk on the Sticky Mat. No need to shake or vacuum a rug, just peel back the next layer of your Sticky Mat. Protect and prolong the life of your carpet and floor finish while cutting down on cleaning costs and time. Sticky Mat is the solution to remove dirt from wheels, shoes, boots, and pet paws. Keep your floor clean by placing a Sticky Mat at your main entrances and high traffic areas. The mat features a special numbered tab system for easy removal of soiled sheets. Each sheet peels off exposing a fresh new mat. Each mat has 30 layers.

The adhesive used for adhering the sticky mat to the floor may transfer if attached to wood flooring.

Dimensions: 23″ x 35″


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Weight 48 oz