Kraft Shield Construction Kraft Paper


Economical Kraft Shield paper floor protection safeguards floors, cabinets and counter tops from foot traffiic, paint and spills. This biodegradable brown kraft paper is non-staining, and is a preferred alternative to “Red Rosin” paper. Each roll is 35 inches wide x 144 feet in length, or covers approximately 420 square feet. For larger areas, seam together multiple pieces of the Kraft Shield with flooring tape.


Kraft Shield Paper Floor Protection Highlights
– Economical brown kraft paper for floor and wall protection
– 100% organic and biodegradable
– Not reusable – dispose of once used
– Preferred alternative to “Red Rosin” paper
– Non-staining
– Easy-to-use. Just cut to length desired

– If spills do occur, replace section of paper floor protection
– Seam together sections with blue flooring tape
– Roll Size 35 inches wide x 144 feet length
– Kraft Shield Informational Guide
This brown kraft paper floor protection can also be purchased in a durable, water resistant version called Water Shield. We carry a full line of multi-purpose floor protection products.


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