Slipstick 3 inch Riser


3″ Bed Riser – Furniture Riser

The 3″ bed risers can be used to simply raise furniture but also help open up storage space under furniture as well. Each order comes with 4 risers, perfect for most furniture! These will also help protect your floors from damage with the rubberized non slip base. Each riser can hold up to 500lbs each, or 2000lbs when used as a set of 4. Need to make your home more wheelchair accessible? There’s no need to go out and buy all new furniture.. simply place these risers under your desk, chairs, tables and more to give them extra height! The foam insert where the furniture leg sits will mold to any shape providing even more stability. Slipsticks furniture risers come in a chocolate color to help blend into the shadows under furniture!

Furniture Riser Highlights:

  • Protects floor against scuffs
  • Adds 3″ in height to any furniture
  • Easy to apply
  • Rubberized non-slip base
  • Foam insert for extra stability

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Weight 14 oz